General Social Commentary II

Societies create governments, so governments are changed for worst or better based upon the nature of current societies.  If a society is terribly corrupt, then that government will be concordantly corrupt as well.  In order to have good government, there must be good society.  A good society produces refined and enlightened culture.  What is defined as refined or enlightened is a matter of taste and perception.  Wars has been used as a means of changing societies and governments as well as their respective cultures.  Mass migrations from one country to another and economic collapses also bring changes that are usually not for the better.  Societies and governments are constantly and dynamically changing, developing and evolving or devolving depending on their political and economic circumstances.  When people make a change for the better, then that society will change for the better which leads to better government.   Cannot depend politicians, economists, and sociologists to solves a society’s problems alone.  The people themselves have to be involved in the problem-solving process in order to control their own destinies from the community level to state level.  Maybe with time and effort, this could be a reality for any society.

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