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A commentary post on this website serving as a political blogger.  Hopefully this website gives useful insights into society's current state from a fresh perspective of political neutrality (not net neutrality, excuse the pun).  People interested in today's socio-political climate come to this website and hopefully becoming members and forming their own political groups, within this site, to address any contemporary issues.  At most,  allowing people to give their own general overview of the contemporary political system of society and it's current effect on the nation as well as their own brand of solutions.  It is desirable that people attempt to discuss certain contemporary socio-political issues with prudence, tactful candidness, and some insightful pearls of wisdom.  Perhaps, acting as a call to arms of practical social activisms in response to the main stream society's changes in attitudes towards diversity and multiculturalism; economic disparities between rich and poor that is eroding the old middle class into oblivion and the rise of it's replacement the new millionaire middle class; and the apparent ripples of subtle cultural decline.  As mentioned, this website was created for people, regardless of political affiliation, to come and read the content, join the site, create their own political affiliate groups, and express their own perspective on political issues in the forum. Thus, enabling like minded people to collaboratively share their own unique perspective on the factors relating to particular social, economic, and political problems and strategically formulating the best alternatives leading to the most appropriate solutions.

Perspective on Diversity

Diversity is not the problem, but the ever manipulative, political divide and conquer propaganda stratagem is the culprit. The true socio-political economic powers are somewhat hidden from the public direct line of sight.  Anyone, who is truly paying attention to everyday events, can intuitively see the symptoms of what these hidden powers have had on this nation in a real live game of 'Command and Conquer'. We are all currently subjected to this real reality game show of socio-political 'Command and Conquer' because the circumstances that now surrounds us seems to continually and systematically encroach even more upon our liberties as time goes on.  Proficiently organized social activism with a network of like minded dedicate people, with particular effective use of the Internet in combating these social problems, can be a forced to be reckoned with.

Seeking to Pursue Ventures for Taking Our Lives Back

In the mist of the occurring socioeconomic disparities, our private and public lives seem not to belong to us anymore.  More of our time is spent working to not only sustain a quality of life that we all have to come to accept one way or another as normal, but also pursue other avenues of revenue that don't take away us much of our time.  So what time that we have to ourselves privately and publicly, we cherish with a healthy degree of gratitude while contemplating doable alternatives for ourselves.  We brainstorm alternatives for bettering ourselves; improving our careers by trying to be better at what you are currently doing; searching for better careers such as starting a home-based business or going into real estate; making quality time for ourselves and those we care about such as our children, friends, and neighbors; deciding on the most appropriate health care plans; stabilizing and sustaining our finances; and for a lot of us, choosing the best strategies in planning out our retirement.  If we start contemplating on taking our lives back and take action based upon a well formulated alternative, then a revelation occurs within us on what possibilities that do exists for solving most of our current problems.  Drawing from experience, a creative approach to intuitively dealing with everyday living does open up huge doors for people that have lead to opportunities of social mobility which seem to pass by a lot of closed-minded people.  These opportunities start out small and gradually over time escalate into larger successes.  Just making appropriate small adjustments in our lifestyle strengthens perseverance for overcoming personal storms that we currently going through until they dissipate for good.  Hopefully by people joining this website and people forming their own groups will enable them to discuss and resolve their own issues whether they be social, culture, economic, or political.

Political Involvement

There are already proficiently, organized social activist movements with a core network of like minded dedicated people trying to raising the awareness of people in general.  These organized groups differ and vary in conjunction with the contemporary issues that each one uniquely address with their own distinctive style and approach.  Depending on the issue that a particular activist group addresses, they are easily recognized by their slogan; sometimes symbolic clothing; and reputation.  If an activist group is symbolically ideal and legitimate, then by all means, join it.  But however, before joining any social activist group, a bit of research is suggested.  Maybe some awesome activist groups might emanate from this website.  And if they do, then it is a heart felt wish to bestow upon them the utmost success in collectively achieving their goal.  Perhaps going from a grass roots movement into a powerful political interest group tackling the current social issues of this society and it's culture.

Conclusive Passage

This has been, perhaps, a vague attempt to shed a little light of information and inspiration.  Although, things are still happening in our society daily; yet, no matter what is happening, someway and somehow some of us are always able to better ourselves so why not never give up. Just because things may seem like they are falling apart around us, we don't have to fall apart with them.  Coming to this website for some people is no accident.  For some it could be chance, coincidence, or synchronicity revealing a hidden spiritual meaning or purpose for their life that transcends any previous materialistic notions or maybe a convergence of both.  An individual can make a difference but a group of motivated people with an unbreakable bond can change a neighborhood, community, town, city, county, state, and perhaps, this nation.

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