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Today's political arena is a turbulence of challenges, created by the bipartisan system, of our contemporary society that are yet to be resolved. The bipartisan system is divided and fractured promoting rhetoric maneuvers in influencing public opinion and actions in a way that has a negative  impact on this nation  This is playing a key factor leading this nation on a course to a “failed state”.  Political agents producing internalized shake-ups, mud slinging, bickering, and propagandists maneuvering that adds even more fuel to the chaotic fire.  These disseminating, staged falsehoods has purposely lead large segments of this nation into a state of disillusionment. However, let be emphasized that this website makes an effort to keep a politically neutral perspective while, at best, reflecting a balanced viewpoint on issues effecting this society as a whole.

Bipartisan Solidarity (A Purport to Fragile Alliance)

The bipartisan system is a smoke screen of staged political extremism.  If and only if there ever was any real solidarity in this system when it comes to social issues of the utmost importance to society.  Although, not all of the political leaders are corrupt, decadent clowns but there are those who seem to exhibit self-serving, indignant pathological behavior.  They seemingly have no concept of true, genuine self-disciplinary corrective behavior for the good of the people supposedly being represented.  Notwithstanding, an unwillingness to acknowledge fault in their attitude toward current pressing issues of society.  This demonstrates itself when they purportedly express legitimate concerns while entrenching this staged political extremism that exposes their limited rational reasoning and a completely non-existent sense of integrity.  This poses as one of the greatest threats to the nation and in any society where something of a similar nature is happening.  Looking at this from a world-view perspective, this political spectacle is a global embarrassment, given our nation's current status as a Super Power.

Accountability (Oh, Gobbledygook!)

The above title is a paradox is it not?  Paraphrasing from a previous post below, true political accountability is as much a farce as the back end of the crack of a mule’s behind doing high grade math.  Pseudo accountability in politics is the smoking gun of maneuverability that produces vagueness and a sense of disenfranchisement among the people. There is not much more to say about this because it speaks for itself in direct plain sight of the people who are affected.

Working Government (The Magician's Slight of Hand)

This nation has been brainwashed into constantly being entangled in non essential controversies as if it were a vital part of it’s existence, when it is definitely not at all.  Yet, certain elements of the political establishment wallow in the feces of it's corruption; the social programs that are suppose to solve society’s problems just only extents them; and acts of pseudo liberation only sustains the very oppression of the people that it is suppose to enlighten and set free.  This brainwashing is not limited to the public at large, but also includes certain elements of people working directly or indirectly under the authority of this establishment because these people, who are in relative subordinating positions, are not the ones issuing crucial orders of any kind.  These orders come from the real positions of power of dark principalities hidden in secluded high places.  These people are just merely pawns, in a political game of chess, implementing what they are told to do whether it is consensual or not.

Collapse (The Mirage of a Journey Towards Societal Apocalypse)

It can be demonstrated on how the system is suppose to work versus how it is actually working as a whole entity from a corporate perspective.  The discrepancies detected will show without a shadow of a doubt that certain elements of this system appear unstable; thus, giving the impression of how long it can sustain itself with these propped up instabilities is very inconclusive.  With all the conflicts, controversies, and antagonisms that run rampart throughout this system, it seems like a wonder that it has not long since started on the verge of collapse, if not now on its way.  These staged political turmoils seem only to galvanize the situation even more.  This system can only be made right through reputable social activism directed at solving the very social problems that the current political establishment seen to be unable to do this on its own.  When the public, at large, has truly had enough of the nonsense and come to its senses on a large scale, then the already existing activist movements shall gain even more momentum.  But some cautionary investigative approach is advised before joining any of these groups.  It would be prudent to research their motives; intentions; symbolic clothing, if any; mantras; and overall goals.  Through such activism, a grass roots movement will emerge and gradually transform into a political interest group collectively united for the common cause to the issues current plaguing this society.

Concluding Passage

In conclusion, it should be pointed out that the betterment of society is always an on-going process in progress.  The political actions that the general public take determines how things will turn out.  Yet, history has show only when everything virtually near hits rock bottom, then and only then that's when legitimate social activism truly changes society.  So yes, it is always possible to bring beneficial change to society through the kind of social activism with faith, courage, determination, perseverance, and an internal, in-group self-sustaining economy.

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