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This website is dedicated to the commentary of contemporary social issues of recent past, present, and future pertaining to society and it’s culture.  There are a whole variety of social issues to use for making political commentaries.  It is good to use some prudence and tactfulness in presenting political commentaries but this depends on perceptions, constructs, values, assumptions, and platitudes.  Everybody is influenced by information sources depend upon their perspective about society due to conditioning by upbringing and life experiences.  Eventually there is going to be some postings that will be deemed controversial by consensus.  Whether that consensus is right or wrong is in the eyes of the beholder.  This is a continual journey that never ends across this vast political landscape with challenges to overcome and opportunities presenting themselves in plain sight.  So let’s make the best of it and gain some enriching experiences, utilize available resource to connect with like minded people to form solid, legitimate in-group networks, and build an on-site community that will perhaps make a difference for everyone who comes to this site.

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