General Social Commentary II

Societies create governments, so governments are changed for worst or better based upon the nature of current societies.  If a society is terribly corrupt, then that government will be concordantly corrupt as well.  In order to have good government, there must be good society.  A good society produces refined and enlightened culture.  What is defined as refined or enlightened is a matter of taste and perception.  Wars has been used as a means of changing societies and governments as well as their respective cultures.  Mass migrations from one country to another and economic collapses also bring changes that are usually not for the better.  Societies and governments are constantly and dynamically changing, developing and evolving or devolving depending on their political and economic circumstances.  When people make a change for the better, then that society will change for the better which leads to better government.   Cannot depend politicians, economists, and sociologists to solves a society’s problems alone.  The people themselves have to be involved in the problem-solving process in order to control their own destinies from the community level to state level.  Maybe with time and effort, this could be a reality for any society.

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General Social Commentary

Society, in general, is always transitioning from one aspect change into another.  Social change is constant for better or worst.  For one instance, science and technology are advancing while economics and politics are intertwined as an influencing factor in that change.  Society is becoming more diverse and the cultural influences of that diversity along with it.  The social norms and values of the past have changed over the decades during the early course of this century.  The way we interact as a people has also changed from layman to corporate level.  It is a marvel of fascination on how this interaction effects the different destinies of people in society and it’s culture.  The culture of media such as news, entertainment, sports, etc. all play a role in how we influence each other when we interact.  The prevailing issues in society and how to deal with them are as varied as the perspectives of every affected individual abroad.  The way these current social issues have been dealt with in the past has been a combination of slanted successes and dwindling failures.  The current political situation, derived from these social ills, is as turbulent as roller coaster ride at a theme park.  The same can be said, for most, about the current economic situation as well.  The discontent with current system of things is increasingly astronomical and somewhat growing in huge proportions.  There are some who are well situated and content with things but this is not true for a majority.  Only a few people have truly benefited from the current system of things while others have not.  Society and it’s culture will have to eventually reach a point of equilibrium and sustainability of stability as well as establish a national integral system of societal management.  There is no system that is going to completely vanquish all the social ills and corruption of the day as along as the dark side of the force of human nature remains a key factor in the role it’s playing; however, these negative elements can be put in check to a minimum.  This point of equilibrium and sustainability of stability is an on-going process to achieve as an end result goal of any social system.  It is not a question of when but more of question of how.

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The Contemporary Political Climate: Constancy and Change

1200px USSupremeCourtWestFacade 300x214 The Contemporary Political Climate: Constancy and ChangeGreetings and Salutations:

This first post puts emphasis upon the turbulence of constant social conflict and volatile social change that is occurring everyday in our contemporary society.  For instance, the combination of natural disasters with ever escalating strain on available relief resources; corruption in the political establishment; local, state, and federal taxes with increasing adverse effects on both blue and white collar workers; strife among the socioeconomic classes; and the general deteriorating social climate of society’s culture is having continual dire consequences on this nation as a whole.

The Bipartisan Circus Act:  Politically Incorrect Entertainment

The governing three ring circus act of the bipartisan system is always circulating absurdities of insults on the collective mind of the general public. The apparent lack of progress in resolving society’s problems just reflects the indifference and incompetence of certain elements of the political establishment.  Yet, only a few are true representatives of the people for example, Ron Paul is one of the few true statesmen who exemplified how a true congressional representative should represent the people but quite a number of the others are just plain outrageously corrupt.  Moreover, the staged political extremism purports the lack of solidarity in coming together in unison to address the most crucial issues of society.  This is a sad eye soar for this nation and the world from a socioeconomic point of view.  As the current status of a Super Power, what kind of nincompoops are at the helm of national leadership as representatives of the people?  The state of things, as they are now, has become a virtual viral poop for brains on steroids shifting into high gear on a social and cultural scale that leaves very little to the imagination.  But climatic eventuality of it all will gradually fizzle on down with the ever increasing socioeconomic political involvement of certain elements in the general public and within the political establishment.

The Search for Exemplary Representative Leadership 

The general public is desperately searching for some form of stately representation in the political establishment where it is largely non exist.  As to point out, no ill feelings toward the people working under the authority of this political establishment because there is still a genuine belief that the majority of these people try, in their own way, to keep this government working smoothly.  However, the real authoritative seats to power are the ones giving the out the orders that have a critical effect on society.  A government is only as good as it’s political establishment; yet, when it comes to certain pressing social issues needing to be resolved, this nation is continuously exposes itself to international humiliation as these problems perpetuate.  The pseudo accountability factor is a screen of smoke and mirrors that maneuvers and dodges solving social issues in plain sight creating a sense of disenfranchisement of the general public.  Whenever true accountability takes a hold of the political establishment, it will be a true, genuine overwhelming sight for the eye of the beholder.  For now, that is only a grotesquely mockery of such terminology in relation to what has been transpiring from the previous two centuries up to the present day.  Only time will unfold the outcome of anything of this nature changing for the better.  But this outcome depends upon reputable social activisms to set things into motion with the potential to eventually straighten out this mess.  As more and more people start waking up and really coming to their senses as to what has been truly going on around them, then they will become more politically active but this will eventually escalate into something extraordinary.

The World Around Us

With ever increasing issues; conflicts; strives; and challenges in this society, this nation is seemingly in a bit of dire straights.  It is wishful thinking to say that the political system is okay when one knows that it is not because just everyday living is a monumental testament to that fact.  Too many corruptible influences abound throughout the political establishment with no apparent internal, self-corrective remedy in sight.  This system is not completely beyond the point of no return because truly there is some light at the end of this dark and murky tunnel.  And what is suppressed in darkness does eventually make it’s way to the light of public scrutiny.

Concluding Commentary

It is the concluding political systems analysis, perhaps, the system in its own way will stabilize with the help of certain influential elements of the general public and non-corrupted or not so terribly corrupted people within the political establishment.  Moreover, this short article does not even neither do justice to nor scratch the surface of what transpires now or in the future.  What is needed to solve these current social upheavals is the awakening of the people, in general; a formation of new reputable social activist movements to address these plaguing problems.  This is the only way things can truly get better.  Eventually, the general public is going to realize that it is they must take charge of these issues and not depend entirely on the political establishment as it is now.  This is key to turning things around for the better because the future is not set.  The future of what we make for ourselves or what we allow to made for us depends on our call to action now.  A well thought out organized social activism with well rounded enlightened people is very seriously needed to create a grass roots movement evolving into a political interest group for the betterment of the general public.  This is not too far off due to the current nature of things.

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