Staged Political Turmoil

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The bipartisan system in today’s political arena is a repository of conflicting staged political turmoil in influencing public opinion. This onslaught of smoke and mirrors that fabricates the existing political turmoil in the political establishment never ceases to amaze and amuse.  The sincerest efforts will be utilized in keeping a political neutrality for expressing this site’s viewpoints; yet, it cannot be helped to just occasionally, within a frame of reason, to explode with emotional fervor at just how psychologically captivated the general public is caught up with the latest misleading dramatization involved in politics.  If and only if we are all willing to truly ignore the nonsense and pressure our political representatives to focus on the resolving the real issues concerning us as a society, then we would have a more cooperative governing body.

Delusional Conflict:  False Dualities of Extremes

The game of two opposing forces in conflict with one another only to merge into one integral anomaly, presenting itself as a solution to very problems caused by the conflict, is as old as time.  This game of deceptive perception of manipulated reality is conditioned into the collective psyche of masses; thus, producing quite subtly the kind of mass hypnotic programming that allows this perception to run it’s course.  This conditioning is so entrenched into the minds of masses that only when things really go downhill to it’s extreme does any moments of enlightenment and flashes of insight into what has been really going on come to light.  But as time goes on, more and more people are starting wake up as to what has been, what is, and will be happening based upon the transpiring of the chain of events of the past few decades up to the present day.  Whether a one world government is a good or bad idea, the point is that it is an inevitability which cannot be denied due to what is currently happening now in the world as it is.

Conflict Assessment

There is no shortage of conflicts and conflicts within conflicts in the world of politics.  For example, in the U.S. this currently ranges on controversies involving the tax reform; alleged misconduct among our supposed representatives; fake news media, certain government agencies under fire such as the proposed dismantling of  the Consumer Financial Protection Agency; removal of a government agent from probing an investigation into alleged Russian high tech involvement with our electoral process; a former Nation Security advisor allegedly involved with interference with U.S. foreign policy before the President’s inauguration; possible government shutdown due to the political establishment’s inability to get its act together; and finally, a whole assortment of mounting turmoil as I speak.  Both Democrats and Republicans taking turns mud slinging; political posturing; propagandizing of public relations manipulation; and a host of not so surprising chain of events.  These kind of shenanigans are not just in this society, but also in the majority of other governments globally; all of which is leading the push for a new world order.  And as to how this new global world order will come about is a mystery for now.

Discerning Societal Concerns

Social unrest due to unresolved past grievances; politics of economic inequality and disparity in conjunction with stagnating socioeconomic mobility (a.k.a. – the current fading old middle class); increased hunger and poverty within the nation in  disenfranchised demographic segments of society; perceived cultural deterioration of values, norms, and standards in art, entertainment, etc.; legalization of drug use that was once stigmatized but now supposedly for medical use only (note:  only permitted in certain sectors of the nation); the family unit being changed and transformed into something completely different from it’s past definition; and broad spectrum of societal issues too numerous to address in this post.  Once more, only the level of political involvement of the general public and time will tell as to how these social upheavals will be squelched.

Contemporary Society:  The Current Social Trend

Einstein’s discovery of relativity opened the door to just how relative that everything is one another.  For instance, I have observed over the years and find hard to believe that people have not yet picked up on the following:

  • The new middle class are the millionaires and old middle class is now the new poor and what was defined as poor is now the new destitute.

  • The billionaires are the new rich and trillionaires are the new super rich.

  • This society has been transitioning into a high tech third world nation of have and have not’s with seemingly increasing disparity as time progresses.

  • The definition of illiteracy has changed from non-reading to more and more non-technically inclined or just computer/technology illiterate.  Only the most computer/technology savvy will be either in the ranks of the new poor that are well to do and better off than their computer/technology illiterate counterparts or in the ranks of the new middle class.  And no one should dispute this because all of this has been gradually happening in plain sight for decades since the personal computer revolution started in the 1980’s.

  • An education with an associate’s degree is and has been, since the 1990’s, the new level of obtaining a starting point level of having a good shot at making a sustainable living as the high school diploma did in the past.  A bachelor’s degree is the new starting point for having a good shot at making a comfortable, sustainable living.  This all depends on job market availability of a given chosen field of pursuit of knowledge.  Vocational skill development and applicable skill certification may compensate, to a certain point, for a lack of a degree but even that has it’s limitations.

Concluding Analysis:  Suggestive Advisement

The social system of society is in constant state of change but change itself is not the problem but establishing a sustainability of stability of change in a climate of social strife, conflict, and political turmoil.  The masses or general public whether they like it or not are going to have to get even more involved in the political arena in order to legitimately force the system to implement and enforce the policies that bring sustainable stability to society itself.  Even if this is achieved, that will not stop the inevitability for the longing for a new world order.  For better or worst that inevitability is seemingly and quite subtly becoming more and more of a reality everyday that passes.  Sooner or later, the world leaders of the U.N. (United Nations) will be addressed with such a proposal one way or another.  From the stand point of things the way they are now, as mentioned so previously, only the level of political involvement of the people and time will determine how things turn out.

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The Contemporary Political Climate: Constancy and Change

1200px USSupremeCourtWestFacade 300x214 The Contemporary Political Climate: Constancy and ChangeGreetings and Salutations:

This first post puts emphasis upon the turbulence of constant social conflict and volatile social change that is occurring everyday in our contemporary society.  For instance, the combination of natural disasters with ever escalating strain on available relief resources; corruption in the political establishment; local, state, and federal taxes with increasing adverse effects on both blue and white collar workers; strife among the socioeconomic classes; and the general deteriorating social climate of society’s culture is having continual dire consequences on this nation as a whole.

The Bipartisan Circus Act:  Politically Incorrect Entertainment

The governing three ring circus act of the bipartisan system is always circulating absurdities of insults on the collective mind of the general public. The apparent lack of progress in resolving society’s problems just reflects the indifference and incompetence of certain elements of the political establishment.  Yet, only a few are true representatives of the people for example, Ron Paul is one of the few true statesmen who exemplified how a true congressional representative should represent the people but quite a number of the others are just plain outrageously corrupt.  Moreover, the staged political extremism purports the lack of solidarity in coming together in unison to address the most crucial issues of society.  This is a sad eye soar for this nation and the world from a socioeconomic point of view.  As the current status of a Super Power, what kind of nincompoops are at the helm of national leadership as representatives of the people?  The state of things, as they are now, has become a virtual viral poop for brains on steroids shifting into high gear on a social and cultural scale that leaves very little to the imagination.  But climatic eventuality of it all will gradually fizzle on down with the ever increasing socioeconomic political involvement of certain elements in the general public and within the political establishment.

The Search for Exemplary Representative Leadership 

The general public is desperately searching for some form of stately representation in the political establishment where it is largely non exist.  As to point out, no ill feelings toward the people working under the authority of this political establishment because there is still a genuine belief that the majority of these people try, in their own way, to keep this government working smoothly.  However, the real authoritative seats to power are the ones giving the out the orders that have a critical effect on society.  A government is only as good as it’s political establishment; yet, when it comes to certain pressing social issues needing to be resolved, this nation is continuously exposes itself to international humiliation as these problems perpetuate.  The pseudo accountability factor is a screen of smoke and mirrors that maneuvers and dodges solving social issues in plain sight creating a sense of disenfranchisement of the general public.  Whenever true accountability takes a hold of the political establishment, it will be a true, genuine overwhelming sight for the eye of the beholder.  For now, that is only a grotesquely mockery of such terminology in relation to what has been transpiring from the previous two centuries up to the present day.  Only time will unfold the outcome of anything of this nature changing for the better.  But this outcome depends upon reputable social activisms to set things into motion with the potential to eventually straighten out this mess.  As more and more people start waking up and really coming to their senses as to what has been truly going on around them, then they will become more politically active but this will eventually escalate into something extraordinary.

The World Around Us

With ever increasing issues; conflicts; strives; and challenges in this society, this nation is seemingly in a bit of dire straights.  It is wishful thinking to say that the political system is okay when one knows that it is not because just everyday living is a monumental testament to that fact.  Too many corruptible influences abound throughout the political establishment with no apparent internal, self-corrective remedy in sight.  This system is not completely beyond the point of no return because truly there is some light at the end of this dark and murky tunnel.  And what is suppressed in darkness does eventually make it’s way to the light of public scrutiny.

Concluding Commentary

It is the concluding political systems analysis, perhaps, the system in its own way will stabilize with the help of certain influential elements of the general public and non-corrupted or not so terribly corrupted people within the political establishment.  Moreover, this short article does not even neither do justice to nor scratch the surface of what transpires now or in the future.  What is needed to solve these current social upheavals is the awakening of the people, in general; a formation of new reputable social activist movements to address these plaguing problems.  This is the only way things can truly get better.  Eventually, the general public is going to realize that it is they must take charge of these issues and not depend entirely on the political establishment as it is now.  This is key to turning things around for the better because the future is not set.  The future of what we make for ourselves or what we allow to made for us depends on our call to action now.  A well thought out organized social activism with well rounded enlightened people is very seriously needed to create a grass roots movement evolving into a political interest group for the betterment of the general public.  This is not too far off due to the current nature of things.

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