General Social Commentary

Society, in general, is always transitioning from one aspect change into another.  Social change is constant for better or worst.  For one instance, science and technology are advancing while economics and politics are intertwined as an influencing factor in that change.  Society is becoming more diverse and the cultural influences of that diversity along with it.  The social norms and values of the past have changed over the decades during the early course of this century.  The way we interact as a people has also changed from layman to corporate level.  It is a marvel of fascination on how this interaction effects the different destinies of people in society and it’s culture.  The culture of media such as news, entertainment, sports, etc. all play a role in how we influence each other when we interact.  The prevailing issues in society and how to deal with them are as varied as the perspectives of every affected individual abroad.  The way these current social issues have been dealt with in the past has been a combination of slanted successes and dwindling failures.  The current political situation, derived from these social ills, is as turbulent as roller coaster ride at a theme park.  The same can be said, for most, about the current economic situation as well.  The discontent with current system of things is increasingly astronomical and somewhat growing in huge proportions.  There are some who are well situated and content with things but this is not true for a majority.  Only a few people have truly benefited from the current system of things while others have not.  Society and it’s culture will have to eventually reach a point of equilibrium and sustainability of stability as well as establish a national integral system of societal management.  There is no system that is going to completely vanquish all the social ills and corruption of the day as along as the dark side of the force of human nature remains a key factor in the role it’s playing; however, these negative elements can be put in check to a minimum.  This point of equilibrium and sustainability of stability is an on-going process to achieve as an end result goal of any social system.  It is not a question of when but more of question of how.

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Video Commentary Review

Greetings and Salutations:

I am writing this short and brief video commentary review about my previous post. As I have said, it is up to viewer to make up his/her own mind about the videos posted. Everyone has their own unique perspective on the political implications that each video represents. The posting of these videos is designed to do one thing; that is, make people think about the world around them and beyond. Why do I say beyond? It is because while things are happening down here on earth, there are goings on in the celestial heavens as well. For example, the earth seems to be visited by passing asteroids and minor meteor strikes more than ever, you look this up on the internet at such sites as Yahoo or MSN or just Google it. Because of the things that go on in space that affect the earth, we need to pay attention to the heavens as well. However, back to the topic at hand. Look at the posted videos and critically analyze what is being said and presented as information. Use what rational judgment that one possesses in analyzing these videos without resorting to emotion. Don’t take what message is given out from these videos personally but objectively use critical thinking skills that are at one’s disposal. Hopefully, this will encourage other members of the general public to thinking about every political situation in the same fashion. Think about effects that these political situations have on economy, work, social life, family life, etc. It is to the viewing audience to think things out for themselves in such a way as to enhance their ability to think sensibly and rationally about the politics of the day and make better decisions about what to do as time goes on. This takes constant vigilance and diligence on the part of the individual person. Oh, how this is a much needed habit of being in today’s chaotic world. Now, I conclude this brief passage and hope this will be help to anyone with a sense of clarity and wisdom.

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